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Jimi Hendrix
Red House

There's a red house
Over yonder
That's where my
Baby stays
Lord there's a red house
Over yonder
Lord that's where my
Baby stays
I ain't been home
To see my baby
In ninety nine
And one half days

Wait a minute
Something's wrong here
The key won't
Unlock this door
Wait a minute
Something's wrong
Lord have mercy
This key won't
Unlock this door
Gone wrong here
I have a
Bad bad feeling
That my baby
Don't live here no more

That's alright
I still got my guitar
Look out now

That's alright

Well I might as well
Just go back over yonder
Way back among the hills
Yeah that's what I'm gonna do
Lord I might as well
Go back over yonder way
Back yonder across the hill
Even if my baby
Don't love me no more
I know her sister will

Sometimes, I feel you near me,
watching me,
I smell you all the time...
None of it's good enough,
when you've tasted that pear,
nothing else can compare...

This is my favorite Hendrix song,
always wanted to hear
it done by Stevie...

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